• Down in Brazil

    by  • September 14, 2010 • Confusion, Lost Love, Love - Pure and Simple, Yearning for You • 0 Comments

    I dream about you.

    In my dreams you love me, not despise me and wish
    my soul was in with your kitchen garbage. You said you didn’t want me.
    So I moved on. But you did, didn’t you? If you had told me “Yes” then
    things would be different.

    I pity you so much. You are so broken up inside about so many
    different things. I knew that what you originally said was not true
    about five minutes before my first kiss. You gave me a thorough
    interview about kissing and then walked in five minutes later on us.
    Another ten minutes you came back with your arm dripping with blood
    and the word ‘skills’ carved into your arm. It will never go away.

    Don’t blame it on me that I love Him now. I wanted to choose you. You
    could write a soap opera about us couldn’t you? Maybe I will. Just
    to spite myself. In love with each other but with people that live
    days away at the same time. Bloody Hell.

    I hate it when you look at me so condemningly! I can’t leave him
    without hurting him and your entire family. See, I’m sort of stuck.
    Being in love with two brothers just doesn’t work out. Don’t get
    me wrong. I’m not blaming you entirely. I’m just sick of you
    behaving like a child about it so indirectly.

    Go join your girlfriend
    in Brazil.

    Ostracized by You

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