• Dear…

    by  • September 14, 2010 • Addiction, Goodbye, Letting Go, Positive Vibes, Self-Esteem • 0 Comments

    Binge Eating Disorder,

    We have been together for about a year now.

    I have used you as an escape from stress, anger, and sadness. I have used you as a reason to fail. To self sabatoge. I have made myself sick thanks to you. I have hated my body, myself, and my lack of control.

    But it’s over.
    We are done.
    I am done letting you control me.

    I’m starting a new stage in my life, and I’m getting control over it without you, and without the food.

    You won’t be missed.
    And no..
    I don’t want to try and be friends now that we are through.


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