• I’m Not Here To Fix You

    by  • September 13, 2010 • Advice, Inspiration, Love - Pure and Simple, Positive Vibes • 1 Comment

    Hey you,

    I’m pretty sure you’ll never know this is to you, and I’m almost certain you don’t even know this site exists, but this is killing me as much as it is you and I need you to know it…

    I know you want me to be that prince, that princess, and come rescue you. You want me to save you from despair, to hold your hand, to pick you up off the ground, to dust your knees and wipe your wounds.

    But I can’t.

    I can’t do it. It’s not me.

    I’ll encourage you, I’ll love you, I’ll smile as bright as the sun, I’ll tell you you can do it, I’ll give you a hand if you make up your mind to get up, but. That’s as much as I can and am willing to give.

    Life is about making choices. We all need a little help, we all need a little encouragement, and that’s ok. But in the end, you choose what to do, how to react, how to act and when to give in and love. But know that in that love you must give yourself or it will not do.

    I love you. More than words, more than pictures, more than there are stars in the sky. I do. I have since I met you and you know it.

    I’m not the best at showing it, I know. I suck at being there sometimes. I don’t know how to balance my life and you and her and us and time and work. I know I don’t. I’m working on it. I promise I am.

    I know I let you down. I know it hurts…

    I guess I just don’t know what to do, but I can’t fix it for you. And I won’t fix it for you. I need you to step up and do it. I promise I’ll be there to catch you, I will. But that’s a step you need to take without me holding you…

    I do love you…Wholeheartedly…Always.

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    1. The one you love
      September 13, 2010 at 9:30 pm

      I shall believe this is for me and it is from you.

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