• confused

    by  • September 13, 2010 • Confusion, Heartbreak, Hope • 0 Comments

    we hooked up and decided to try to make this work.

    now i’m feeling it was only for you to get laid. you could’ve said that was what you wanted before you left. i already knew it was a possibility. i’m angry and hurt because you promised you’d be there for me when i wanted to talk or if i needed you. that other night you were wonderful which lead me to think that you’re as serious about “us” as i am but then you don’t write back or call specially when you know i was having a rough time.

    i’m not going to contact you in a any way and wait for you to decide what you want to do. i don’t regret our 3 weeks together because they’re filled with sweet memories.

    i hope you at least feel the same way.

    with love.

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