• bad timing

    by  • September 13, 2010 • Grief, Heartbreak, Love - Pure and Simple, Miss You, Regret, Yearning for You • 0 Comments

    i met you the month before you left for college.

    i didn’t know i would fall so hard for you. or how perfect u were in my eyes..

    people always say perfect doesnt exist but i honestly can say u were, i wouldn’t change one thing about you…

    i know we said this wouldn’t get complicated and that we were just fuck buddies but i’m sorry things got complicated and i know i never told you this cuz i couldn’t tell you it but i love you. i love you more every time i see you and now that your gone a piece of me is honestly gone, too. i wish i could tell you i love and be with you but i cant be selfish enough to keep you here.

    my life sucks without you and i just wanted to let you know i do love you and i’m sorry we met but so fucking happy at the same time.

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