• Willing

    by  • September 12, 2010 • Hope, Love - Pure and Simple, Positive Vibes, Yearning for You • 0 Comments

    I’ve felt a lot of pain in my life; and I haven’t been around all that long. The one person that I’ve ever loved is dead. When I think of him it feels like my heart is suffocating; my heart can’t breathe. I carry an intense pressure with me always.

    I’m willing to let the world in, if there’s a chance that I will find the love and friendship that will dissipate this crushing weight. But bad things happen to good people, and my will is slowly being crushed.

    I don’t know if I believe in love at first sight, but when I’m around you I feel like we are a match that would bring joy and laughter, friendship and love. When I’m around you I feel like people could be made for one another.

    I know you care about me; I know you see me like you see her. I know that your honor is what makes you my match; but knowing that I came too late, it makes the weight I carry worse.

    I believe that the universe has a way of working things out. The weight that presses down on me is worse knowing I’ll probably never be with you, because by some tormented touch of fate you found an amazing person before you found me.

    But I need you to know, that when I see you, when I hear you, when I touch you,
    I feel willing,
    I feel my will,
    I feel like someday,
    my weight will be gone.

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