• To You Who Stopped Loving Me

    by  • September 12, 2010 • Grief, Heartbreak, Love - Pure and Simple • 0 Comments

    These days I’m again thinking of you.

    A lot.

    I really thought I forgot you, but you take me back with just one sentence. And I think you are doing it with reason, you want me to love you, you want to have reserve always.

    You played a major role in my life, but now, but now you’re not here. I still DO love you and you don’t know it. You are a selfish bastard!!

    Why don’t you just think about us, about something we used to be, about that love we created. You were a perfect man to me, and you don’t have any idea how much you hurt me!!! You killed everything good in me, you broke my heart, and it beat just for you!! I cried nights and nights, but my pride is stronger than everything else.

    Maybe because I know that you don’t give a f**k about my feelings, and you never did!!

    I can’t stop loving you, I can’t let you go, like I’m haunted.

    I’m still loving you…you bastard!!

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