• To My Ex

    by  • September 12, 2010 • Breaking Up, Heartbreak, Letting Go, Lost Love, The Ex • 0 Comments

    I finally had the courage to delete you off Facebook, after four fucking months of seeing your name, seeing what you were doing, seeing other girls flirt with you; I was finally able to do it.

    I still don’t even understand what happened. Was I really that horrible that you didn’t want to see me anymore? Was I really that much of a bitch?

    I hate you, but I still love you. How dare you make me feel this way, how dare you make me feel so useless that when I see your name I just want to crawl into a little ball.

    All I can say is I’m happy. I’m happy you are gone, and I’m happy that your life has gone back to what it was before we got together.

    Have fun trying to succeed in life while getting high constantly and wagging school. I wish you luck.

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