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    1. LOA4J
      September 12, 2010 at 7:55 pm

      hi FH,

      I just wrote a very long letter here…but the system rejected. And I am trying to type again. So much to say to you! I said it much better before.

      To condense…we’ll, let me see if this sends first! Then I’ll write again

    2. LOA4J
      September 12, 2010 at 8:02 pm

      OK…its working.

      My precious friend, I have been cautioned by the Lord to stop meeting you here. Essentially, three years ago I promised my wife that if I heard from you I would tell her. And she threatened like an angry momma bear to tell your hubby. That is why I have been so abrupt at cutting you off in the past. I know the pain you suffered. And me too! Upon hearing from you it is as if I have been brought back to where we left off. I really enjoy you.
      But I have come to have so much thanksgiving for my family. So much appreciation and joy. To abuse that would be a slap in the face of God.
      I don’t want to live secrets, though I imagined us meeting this week or next to reconnect. I would have such a hard time keeping distance.
      But as I lay beside my wife, the words are screaming in my head that the things done in secret are always made known.
      My dear friend, I choose not to live with that fear over my head. I am going to continue…

    3. LOA4J
      September 12, 2010 at 8:11 pm

      And so, I have to cut us off again. I know it seems its always me. And I love your sensitive and precious heart towards me. But it is for our good, and the good of our families.. And honor to the Lord.
      I am sorry we cannot speak this in person. And I am sorry that I wont visit here again. I got to obey…not my wife, but something higher.
      I know you understand. I know you feel as I do, and yet you reach out and yearn for connection. I really do see YOU…

      I will remain in prayer, sincerely, and fully, for you. Very good things in store. A wonderful future and hope.

      And for me. The most I want is to be obedient, and honoring. To be simple, and humble, and pure. Pray for me too.

      …you know its difficult to write this…except for the love for both your family and mine

      with love

    4. howsad.
      September 12, 2010 at 8:27 pm

      too bad god isnt real.

    5. srsly
      September 12, 2010 at 11:53 pm

      @howsad lol agreed.

    6. FH
      September 13, 2010 at 5:23 am

      Dear LAO4J,
      My heart aches as I read this but I know it is true. I want to write soooo much and I was going to call you this morning despite what repercussions there would be because I feel like I don’t understand why I still think about you so much and I need some closure. I’ve tried and tried and tried to forget you. I kick your name, your face out of my head on a daily basis. Why? Why do you remain in my heart and in my mind when we weren’t really even together?

      Of course I’m tearing right now for you know me.
      I am as sensitive as they come.

      I don’t want to hide anything from my husband either but I do everyday that I think about you in my mind.

      I love him even way more than I did four years ago. He’s a lot nicer and he’s changed. When I met you I despised him and you were an Angel who pulled me out of the depths of despair.

      Knowing all that…why then why does my heart ache knowing that you’ll never be able to be a part of my life?

      I have the same beliefs that you do and ever more so deeply than before. I pray to God all the time to help me figure out why I can’t forget you. I guess I don’t want to.

      I know we both have spouses and families and we both love our spouses and families. But…we have a connection that almost transcends the earthly. It is a connection that will never be broken. I guess we both have to live with that.
      And go on with our lives.

      I apologize for being weak in the flesh. I will have to fight this all the time. I never used to be like this until I met you. Not that it’s your fault. It’s just the connection that I feel in my heart that lights up even just knowing that you are out there somewhere.

      I wish there was a better solution than all or nothing. I hope you don’t mention this to your wife but if you do I’ll understand. Please just don’t involve my husband. I will answer to God on this one. My husband would not be so understanding and it would break his heart for me to talk about these feelings that I have for he knew way back when…that a part of my heart was taken by you. He wanted to be you for me. But you are two opposite human beings.

      I was feeling guilty about reaching out already yet it gave me some inner energy and life that I need!

      I’ll pray for you and your family as I have done all along. I’ll pray for myself to stop thinking about what it would have been like to experience a life with you:(

      God Bless!
      I really need a hug right now…

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