• I’ve Changed?

    by  • September 12, 2010 • Acceptance, Friends, Lost Love, Sorry • 0 Comments

    I’ve changed?

    Hasn’t it occurred to you that it could be the other way around?

    That it is your feelings that are changing?

    From the start, I have only shown you who I am and if you’ve finally realized that I am not the one you’re looking for, is it that to your advantage? Isn’t that a relief to you that finally you will get rid of whatever emotions/feelings you have towards me? And so now, you can be free of me, the one person who hasn’t given you anything but pain….

    You’ve told me once that I’ve hardened as a rock, that no amount of words and affection can sway me to falling into your persuasion. While you are struggling, I myself is in a battle not to get caught with the tangles of attention you are showering me.

    And avoiding them isn’t that easy, I swear!

    I am just human after all, of flesh and blood and not made of stone or some inert substance. I do feel. Like any other woman, I’m happy when praised, flattered with sweet words and love being adored. I am moved and touched when someone shows me they care.

    But above all that I am not greedy, I don’t get things that are not mine or receive affections that are not meant for me, though it’s tempting sometimes but I am just not that kind of person. I don’t want to be the reason of another woman’s grief. And I will not be that person who will break your heart by deceiving you and pretending that I can love you back the way you do. I’m hurting you now but I will hurt you more if I will let you hope for something more than just friendship. And it hurts me hurting a friend, hurting you, the one person who has shown me so much care than I could ask for. I’m really sorry.

    I haven’t changed, you have just come to know the real me, not the person that you used to think i am.

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