• Amazingly Passionate

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    You were my amazingly passionate, my first love.

    Our relationship was far from perfect. You lied to me and cheated on me numerous times.

    It’s all over now. Although we have different lives now and are in different relationships I still think about you a lot.

    You have a girlfriend and a new baby and I’m so incredibly happy for you and I hope things are going good for you and your new family. As for me, I have a boyfriend of just over 8 months and I am the happiest I’ve been since I was with you. At times I am even happier than I was when I was with you. But I still can’t get you out of my head.

    I often think about how you are, what you’re doing right now, if you ever think about me, if your girlfriend really did go through your phone that one time and that’s why you blocked me from every way of communicating with you.

    I do not want to get back together with you because for 1. I believe I am much more better off with Sam and I am so happy with him and for 2. I’m not sure we would ever work out together after being apart for this long. I do miss you very much and do think about what would have happened if I was 18 while you were still living in Idaho and actually went to live with you. I think if we would have tried to make it work out between us, it would have.

    Since us being together again is completley out of quesiton all I want now is to be able to talk to you, strictly as old friends. I just want to know how you are doing and how your new life is going.

    I miss being the one that you confided in and trusted with your secrets and anything else you wanted to say. I miss simply talking to you in general. You weren’t just my boyfriend or my first love.. you were one of my friends, one of my closest friends at that.

    If you ever read this I know you can find a way to get my number or my email from one of your friends. I hope you do, it would be such a nice suprize to hear from you again. I just want to hear from my old friend again.

    I love you, I am no longer IN love with you, but I do still love you as a person. I wish the best for you and your girlfriend and your baby boy.

    I love you amazingly passionate.

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