• So alike, yet so different.

    by  • September 11, 2010 • Friends, Frustration, Resentment • 0 Comments

    You are a very interesting individual, I can give you that much.

    Why I started paying attention to you, I’ll never know, though it is hard to forget you when you’re my attractor’s best friend.

    So I got into your life.

    The more I studied you, the more similarities I saw between us. Truth is, none of it is there. My mind was clouded with trying to compete with you for his attention. But, your life was so intriguing, I couldn’t let go of it completely.

    I’m sure you’re a very nice person, and you just come off as obnoxious because you want people to know you and you want to stand out. You want to be different. I totally get that. It’s kinda nice to see that split second in time when you let your guard down. When you stop being some kind of “man” and start being yourself.

    I only resent you because you dwindle the time I get to spend with your best friend. You guys aren’t good together anyways. I think you bring out the worst in each other.

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