• New Family

    by  • September 11, 2010 • Children, Love - Pure and Simple, Parents, To You, Yearning • 2 Comments

    You’re the father of a beautiful, unique, growing being.

    She has been growing and developing for almost 22 weeks now, I can feel her stir inside me.

    One day soon, she will come out into the world, and you won’t be there to welcome her.

    Then, one day later, she will ask of you, and you won’t be there to answer.

    I wish I were brave enough to tell you that she’s coming, that she’s perfect, amazing and beautiful, and that we made her.

    I wish I were confident of your response, I wish you could love her, and me, as a father could.

    But you don’t know, and only I can tell you, or her, and I’ll keep it that way.

    Get in touch and help me break the news, be calm, and loving, and save me from the solitude of waiting to meet her. She’ll come soon, and Love you more than any other.

    And I’ll Love You too

    How could I ever expect you to deny all others when you’ve made no inclination to do so, so I don’t, and you won’t.

    The pain of you bringing her another mother would be too much, a brother, a sister, a family a separate life.

    This is easier without you, you’re so far away, and so distant

    But it doesn’t stop me wanting, thinking ….. wishing

    Thank You, for granting me the wish of Motherhood. Thank You, for planting the seed that is my beautiful daughter Thank You, for staying away

    I Ask You, to greet her with Love, on the day she meets you, and I step aside

    I’ll never give her up

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    1. srsly
      September 11, 2010 at 2:04 pm

      It will get better. I promise! You can do this. I was 17 when i got pregnant with my daughter. Her father and I split because of it. I carried her, I birthed her, i am raising her, and I love her. That is all she needs. Unconditional love from someone who honestly cares for her. Her father has seen her maybe 4 times since she was born. He bought her a pack of diapers, that was it. She’s is 8 now. She asks about him everyday, and I have to bite my tongue about the man he really is. Because it isn’t fair to make her see him teh way that I do, without her knowing first hand. And yes, he tries to come back into the picture, but only to use me. And he uses her as a pawn to do so. I know my priority is to her, so I stay away. He lives 20 minutes from us, and has all thsi time. You’re a better woman for going it alone. If he can’t love you and the child you created, let him go. It will only make life harder if you don’t.

    2. Lynleih
      September 12, 2010 at 12:03 pm

      Thank You so much, your response means more than I could of imagined it to

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