• Maybe you need to.

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    Out of everyone I know, you’d be the one most likely to visit this website.

    If you’re reading this, just know that I’m only looking out for your and his best interests.

    Remember when you had a girlfriend, and we all accepted that? Then, a few months later, you had this internet boyfriend who lived in England (because, let’s face it, all of the internet relationships have someone from England involved…)?

    And then, you got back to reality and got with someone inside your friend circle, like you, but drastically different from? We all thought that was going to last forever…but then he just completely shut you out. (he seems to have a problem with this, but we’ll save that for a future letter.)

    Throughout all of your relationships, there was one person who you disliked throughout. You hated his presence, tried your hardest to avoid running into him at school, and ditched him whenever he wanted to establish a friendship.

    Then, out of nowhere, you decide that you want to be with him. It hadn’t even been a month since you’d broken up with your last boyfriend, so some could say he was the rebound. I guess you were desperate at that point. What other reason could there be for you completely changing your mind about a person?

    I guess there’s hope, since you’re on good terms with your local exes. I still can’t get the thought out of my head that you’re going to severely break his heart. I hate to say this, but he deserves more than what you are.

    If you break his heart, I will cease being your friend.

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