• i’d do anything for you.

    by  • September 11, 2010 • Fear, Hope, Love - Pure and Simple, Marriage • 0 Comments

    we met almost a year ago, and have been dating for 10 months.

    i can say i love you without it being a lie, because i do love you. i’ve stated that i want to marry you, and you have always felt the same way back, despite our young age. i dont want to work, though. i want to raise the kids while you work. you have no problem with this and it blows me away.

    to quote you,
    “all the work i do, everything i put myself through, is for you. i want you to have the life you want and i want to be there with you”

    but what if i only love you because this is exactly what i want? what if i dont really even love you, i just want this badly enough to be with you.

    i’m hoping im wrong.
    i love you so much, and 100% hope i’m wrong. i cant wait to start our lives together, even if it does take 5 more years.

    25 isnt too old to get married.

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