• Dreams and their meanings.

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    I was pretty much indifferent to you, ever since I met you.

    I’ve seen you transition for the past 6 years or so, and that could very much be a reason why I don’t really like you at all.

    Sure, I wasn’t even supposed to know certain things about you, like your past promiscuities and relationships, but they were your “friends” and they told me. So, that shows what kind of people they are.

    Then you decided to “cleanse” yourself, if you will, and get baptized and be all church-y and all that jazz. Everyone thinks that it’s so cool to just be religious and “live their life through God” during highschool.

    It’s really kind of sickening. You’re not too bad about it, and you don’t pressure people to be like you. I should probably get to the subject of this letter.

    In my dreams, you are always the bad guy. Always doing me harm in the most underhanded way possible. I feel like that is the main thing that makes me dislike you. Plus, you put people down without being so upfront about it, and that’s what makes it super bitchy. I’m glad we’ll soon never have to see each other again.

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