• damn it, you’re right again

    by  • September 11, 2010 • Gratitude, Love - Pure and Simple, Positive Vibes • 0 Comments


    It seems yet again, you were right.

    I can’t stand that I’m always the over emotional one and you are always the grounded rational one.

    You’re right and the situation hasn’t even happened yet and I know you are right.

    I just wish that once, maybe just one time I could see it your way from the start, and all this emotional roller coaster shit could be avoided.

    You know, I need you for that reason, because you are the yin to my yang. I know everything about you, and not one quality doesn’t complement mine in some way.

    Well, I guess I’m trying to say thank you, and I love you deeply.

    And yes, we can cuddle now. (:

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