• You’re not my friend.

    by  • September 10, 2010 • Friends, Grief, Lost Love, Yearning • 0 Comments

    You only hang out with me when it’s convenient for you.

    We were the four best friends anyone could have. Now you’ve all moved on without me and have better thigns to do and better people to hang out with.
    I’m stuck here alone…

    You think a simple ‘hey’ in the hallways is sufficient enough to say I have friends. When I come home, I have no one. Even at school I’m alone.

    Maybe I deserve this, maybe I don’t.

    Don’t pity me, don’t be my friend again cause you feel bad, don’t give me advice.

    Be my friend again because you miss me as much as I miss you. No one should live a life without a best friend by their side to guide them through it all.

    Now maybe I’m used to being alone. I dont want to be, but no one gets what they want from life.

    I dont think anyone should have to feel the way I do right now… what did I do wrong?

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