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    dear baby,

    we are over..or so you say.

    i never wanted to break up with you.

    you saved me from killing myself.

    you still don’t know that i almost killed myself last year. i was so messed up. but you…you saved me without knowing.

    i want to try again. i know how hard it is to be together because we don’t see eachother but i have been trying to broaden my vast relations and i could not..i repeat could not like anyone more than you. ever.

    other people make me sick. all i want is to feel your body against me again. i want so much to kiss you and have you smile at me. i want so much to crack up laughing again with you. i’m sure you will never read this.

    i was scared that i was going anorexic..again.. i wouldn’t eat and when i do, i count calories and limit everything..again. i hardly eat. you always were there to tell me that i needed to eat. but without you it’s not so easy to eat anything anymore.

    i have a confession that im sure you already know. when i say i’m not hungry…i’m starving.

    i just wanted to get these things off my chest..

    i will always, always love and i won’t ever stop. you’re the only true friend that i have and without you..well i dont know.

    your secret she wolf

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    1. justin
      September 10, 2010 at 2:36 pm

      u have more admirers than u think

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