• It’s been a year…

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    Almost a year ago you saved my life.

    I wouldn’t admit it then and I hate admitting it now.

    But it’s true. When you told my parents I was cutting, you saved me.

    But now you’re gone. For some reason unknown to me, you’ve come to hate me. I know your girlfriend doesn’t like me, but why do you have to hate me, too?

    We were best friends. I could tell you anything and you knew me better than anyone else in the entire world. Only you could tell when I was lying and didn’t want people to know it. At times it felt like you knew me better than I even knew myself.

    So how could you come to believe I’m this evil person who wants nothing but to hurt you? Because I’ve never wanted that. I hate that I hurt you.

    I wish there was a chance we could be friends again. I wish we could talk like we used to. But most of all I wish you could forgive me. I truly never meant to hurt you. I love you too much to ever want that.

    Over a year ago you cheated on one of our best friends with me. I’d change it if I could, but I can’t. I’m sorry. I’ve done everything I could to make up for it.

    I miss my best friend.

    Can this be over now?

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