• Wait for Me

    by  • September 8, 2010 • Hope, Interested?, Love - Pure and Simple, Yearning for You • 1 Comment

    To the guy who might be perfect for me,

    I really do think there might be something there between us and I want to get to know you better. I want to ask you out but I can’t just yet because I broke up with my ex only 2 1/2 weeks ago. I want to be sure that you are not just a rebound. I need the time to be me for a little while. I think you are a wonderful man who has a lot of what i always wanted in a man. I know “ideals” in a person are not always the best to have but you and I could be great complements. I guess what I am try to say is I want you to give me a chance. I will ask you out, and I hope you are willing to give me a chance, even if it is just the one date, go into it with an open mind. We have so much in common and enough differences that I do believe it could be great. So wait for me, I’ll get there soon. Until then I will enjoy the times I get to talk to you, and I will keep loving the time i catch you looking my way.

    Love the girl who might be perfect for you.

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    1. J
      September 9, 2010 at 4:56 pm

      Same thing happened to me, we’ve been dating 2 months now aand I’ve never been happier! Good luck!

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