• it’s merely intellect.

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    dear guy I talk to online.

    you never cease to make me smile.

    I don’t like you, not in a “I want to date you” kind of way, I just love the way you banter so easily, and intellectually you are on my level.

    dear boyfriend, please don’t worry because I enjoy conversing with this guy, he has no chance in being better than you in the role of the love of my life. he’s fun to talk to, to make fun of, to debate with on certain topics. he has the same thoughts about certain tv shows that you’ll watch but just don’t get into.

    in no way will I replace you with him, in no way am I attracted to him. I know some people would think this denial means everything I say I don’t feel, I really do. But not in this case, in this case, this guy I comment back and forth with online, is really just a bud to chat with, and yeah he makes me laugh and smile.

    but with you, I feel love.
    don’t worry your head boy.

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