• Good Bye.

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    So many troubles are creeping all over my mind I don’t know what to do anymore. We gave each other our hearts so naturally to share and cherish. Everything felt so comfortable that way. You nurtured my heart with so much care and painted it with so many colors, and I tried so hard give my all to yours. But after some point you weren’t sharing anymore. You became careless. You took my heart and ran and then fell out of your hands, out of your control. If you don’t know what to do with it, if you don’t want my heart but someone else’s, why can’t you just hand it back to me so gently? Why do you have to torture it so cruelly?

    I always found a way to fall in love with you again and again. That spark in you never failed to pull me back into your charm. Or should I say spell. A spell that made me blind to the fact we were never meant for each other.

    To me, our love was real. Damn right it was. People will say we went too far, too deep, and that may be true. But I’m not scared to tell anyone that I was utterly and purely in love with you, and that I would never take anything that I did or said back for anything.

    You say you love me, but funny as it sounds, I don’t know why you love me. And as impossible as it seems, I don’t love you anymore. It’s time for the both of us to move on.

    Thank you D, for everything that we did.

    Good bye.

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