• Be Extraordinary

    by  • September 8, 2010 • Inspiration, Love - Pure and Simple, Positive Vibes • 0 Comments

    Such a short time we spend on this planet.

    So much wasted sitting and waiting for our lives to change.

    We yearn for that ultimate sea change to put our lives on a different course but we don’t know how to get on the boat. How do we make such a huge change? Why can’t someone else decide our fate?

    Well, who says change has to be huge? Or that a decision even has to be made?

    Simply be extraordinary in a very small way. When you set to a task, put your stamp on it. When you serve dinner, set your plate in a beautiful manner. When you answer the phone, put on your best voice. When you hear a thank you, thank the other person greater…and mean it. Practice graciousness and pay it forward. Buy a stranger’s coffee anonymously. Leave the change in the vending machine. Put your own art on the wall. Play kick the can with the neighborhood kids. Dress all in black and play ninja outside in the dark. Have a marshmallow roast in the winter. Hug your friends tightly and often.

    Make a small effort (oh, is effort even the proper word?) and do one thing different and unexpected and see how you feel inside. If it feels right, try it again. If it feels wrong, try something else.

    Live your unique life and soon you’ll find yourself charting your own course.

    Make it yours.

    Peace to you.

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