• why did u have to love me so much

    by  • September 7, 2010 • Betrayal, Cheating, Grief, Lost Love, Love - Pure and Simple, Regret, Sorry • 1 Comment

    When I first saw you I told myself u were gonna be the girl I loved, the girl I would always treat right and try my best not to hurt. I’ve come from a lot of relationships which I’ve always been the one in the end hurt and upset so I thought it was gonna be impossible to make you feel the way I know u do now. When we were together u made me so happy you made me me. In so many ways you made me stronger and in so many ways you made me happy with myself again.

    But I had to test our love to see if it was true. I kept pushin and pushin but u always seemed not to care. Then I cheated on you and told you and I’ve never felt worse than that moment in my whole life. But u still wanted to be with me. If u gave me boundaries I would have obeyed them. The only thing was you never gave me any so I ran with that.

    Now that things are over u say I’m a terrible person and u love me so much. We’re over but I still love you and you still love me and we don’t talk anymore but we still love each other. I wish it would go away. I never had a girl truly love me unconditionally. Tricky thing is, I needed conditions….

    I love you Aly and I’m sorry it took me so long to realize u loved me so much. Nothing I could do would change it. I wish I could find you again and start over but truth is I can’t.. and it sucks

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    1. April
      September 8, 2010 at 7:33 am

      You’re an idiot. You realize now that you had someone willing to offer you unconditional love, but you still blame your poor behavior on them not setting “conditions”. Grow up and take some responsibility for your own actions.

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