• Gone Forever (Maybe)

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    Hey Moo-Moo,

    its been seven months since you broke up with me, but I still think about you. You pop into my head at the most unexpected times. Its just like in the movies, you know, with those flashbacks. I’ve been seeing the last two years constantly. It haunts my every waking and sleeping moment.

    I know I messed up. I’m sorry. I really am. I constantly wish I could take back everything I said that night. It probably didn’t help when I tried to talk to you after you told me not to. I couldn’t help it. You were always irresistible. Going from constantly talking to you and being around you to not having anything to do with you was very hard. I had to lock away my phone and laptop for a week and a half so I wouldn’t talk to you.

    You were everything I could ever want in a girl. You were beautiful, funny, smart, and just amazing. You were my other half. Around you, I felt whole for the first time in my life. You made me feel incredible every time you looked at me, touched me, or talked to me. You, my love, made everything go away. The world disappeared when you were around. You loved everything I did with the exact same passion. We even played video games together.

    But somehow, somewhere, something went wrong. You started telling me that we were fighting constantly when we weren’t at all and that I was taking up too much of your time. You said that you wanted to hang out with your friends more. I accepted all that for a while, until I just couldn’t take it anymore. I think the last straw was when your bastard of a friend, Alan, asked you out on Valentines Day. What kind of person asks out another guy’s girl? Especially when he knows me and knows that I’m going out with you. It makes me wonder. What did you really do with your friends? I always asked, but you always brushed it off. You did practically stop telling me anything for the last week or so. I should have realized and took a hint, but I was still in love with you.

    Now, all that doesn’t really matter anymore. I’m here, and you’re in Charlottesville. I hope all your plans worked out for you. I hope you know that you were my second half, the keeper of my heart, my love, and the brightest light in my life. I hope you really love that jerk you’re going out with now. The same exact way you “loved” me. And tell all your friends, the ones who pretended to my friends, to go screw themselves. I helped most of them with their lives and this is what I get in return.

    Good bye, beautiful. Hopefully, someday, somewhere, we’ll meet again and find that we’ve both changed. Maybe we wont be the same kids we were before. Then maybe we can start over and finally finish those plans we started. Then maybe I can forgive you for taking my soul with you when you left.


    Ba-Ba (heh)

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