• Waiting on the postman…

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    I finally told you how I feel but I won’t lie I’m terrified due to the noticeable age gap between us. My family is fine with it due to my constant talking about you but…I wonder if yours will be as understand and excepting. I don’t want to finally have the chance to be yours and then lose it. Nor would I ever dream of asking you to give up your family. I couldn’t ask that of you. I wouldn’t allow you to! I know how much you adore your nieces and I’ll never jeopardize your relationship with them.

    It pains me to have to wait on your letter because I know you and understand your mental processing. You’re probably at this moment dwelling upon that issue. Emails, virtual letters. How old school is that concept? To fall for one of your dearest friends through written word? I adore it. I adore you. I don’t know if you even realize it but if you were to ask me to marry you right now, I would, no hesitation. I know you’re not a dashing, suave prince, nor am I a damsel in distress, gorgeous princess. Your sarcastic, a realist, smart, with a great sense of humor. You’re strong and most importantly, you get me. You know when to speak, when to hold my hand and when to let me handle things on my own.

    I’m anxious as all get out, constantly hoping for a response. I have to force myself not to check multiple times a day. I wish we lived nearer to one another still. I just want to have you in my arms, if only for one moment. I love you but I will not ruin your life. It’s okay to follow duty to your family. I will still love you and respect that choice.

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