• The Stranger’s Wife

    by  • September 6, 2010 • Sex, Yearning • 1 Comment

    I just met you two the day before yesterday. We had an awesome night of dancing, drinking and hot-tubbing. We all got very drunk. Your wife ask me if my lady and I were into foursomes. We are, somewhat; more so into threesomes. I wish you hadn’t been there, because my lady and I wanted to fuck the shit out of your wife. We turned down the offer simply because you were there. She’s a fine woman in her 30’s; she has a beautiful rack, a tight ass, and a face that says innocence but eyes that scream desire.

    I hope I get to have a private conversation with your wife; maybe we’ll be able to talk her into coming over one day while you’re at work. We’ll have some real fun then.

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