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    by  • September 6, 2010 • Fear, Frustration, Grief, Guilt • 0 Comments

    It’s cold and lonely here. A piercing silence. An empty weight. An infinite solitude. I’d wish you would open your eyes. I’d wish you would listen to your parents, even though you think you know what you’re doing with your life at twenty. I’d wish you would leave those energy draining “friends” of yours and surround yourself with good, kind people.

    Your vices are growing stronger; they might take over you. Yes, I know, you’ve got it all under control. But do you really? You’ve always been a lost soul, and I’m sure you’ll find yourself one day. But “to”-day is the day, not “one” day. Wake the fuck up and take control of your life. No one else will help you do that. And you know that more than anyone. That candy-coated bullshit that you surround yourself with will melt away within the first few licks. You’re sitting there, alone at night, trying to remember how sweet that candy was earlier today, and you’re left over with nothing but an empty stomach and a slight pain.

    And I’m alone, too. Without you, I’m no one. And I’d wish you took my words for what they’re worth. But I know you won’t. I can hope and my hopes are high. But this is your world, after all, and only you can allow these words to penetrate. Shit, you’re writing these words yourself. Can you feel them? Can you even believe what you’re saying? Can you follow it? It’s a disgrace.

    Because those guilty pleasures will over-ride what is sensible and fair. And it’s a hell of a trip; blood-shot eyes with dilated pupils, pulse raging like that of a wild boar, mind in an eternal and invincible euphoria. And you’re not even under any influence but your own demonic thoughts. This is what eats away at you. What fills you up beyond limits is what leaves you empty in the end.

    This great, positive, inspiring, motivational, productive, glamorous view you have on life crumbles in the dark crevices of the corners of your mind when you run away from the rules of society in your secret dwelling. The worst part is that you know this truth. And you accept it just the way it is.

    So keep that public smile that only thinly covers up your worst emotions. To them, you’re on top of the world. To you, there is no meaning of world. Continue on, if you choose to. But realize that you’re potential is so great, you can be so powerful, and you have so much more to feel that the world will undergo a paradigm shift, and so will you. Don’t throw yourself away, like you will these words as soon as you finish toying with them.

    Your own worst enemy

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