• I love you.

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    I’ll never get the chance to say this to you. I always have the ample opportunity to, but I know it’ll never change the way you feel.

    I know you told me that night that there will never be anything between us and that you don’t want me to get my hopes up in any way, but you have to understand, you make that impossible. The way you smile at me makes me weak all over. When you touch me, even in the slightest non erotic way, my whole body tingles. You’re hair, your laugh, your sense of humor, everything about you is just so perfect. We have so much in common its crazy, from our love of animals, to our love of food, you and I are compatible. You balance me. You bring out the best in me.

    Julie, I love you with all the power and essence I have in my soul. Everything about you attracts me. I’ve never understood love like I do with you. I’ve never had the urge to just hold someone so close to me and never let them go. I respect you in so many ways and I know I could treat you amazingly. But, I’m going to respect your wishes, and I’m going to keep my feelings to myself. I’m pretty sure you know exactly how I feel, but please, let me live my fantasy of keeping it a secret from you.

    I Love You and it kills me slowly everyday. I feel like i’ve been through the worst breakup in history, but we were never even remotely together. You stole my heart without even trying. I’m losing you slowly and its effortless. I’ll never stop wishing for us to be together. Never. Never. Never.

    Btw, I never liked kids, still dont. But, you make me want to be the father of your children.

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    1. SpoPema
      December 12, 2011 at 8:41 am

      Really beautiful…. Hope you find love again and whoever she will be, I must say she will be a lucky girl if you love her the same way……

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