• Hey Almost Mom-in-Law

    by  • September 6, 2010 • Cheating, Knock it Off, The In-Laws • 0 Comments

    So, I know you think the world revolves around you, but as shocking as this may be, you are by no means the most important person on earth.

    I’m sorry that you were unhappy with your marriage, but your husband is a great guy and he doesn’t deserve to be cheated on.

    I’m sorry that your children didn’t turn out the way you wanted to, but it’s your fault. Blaming them for your marriage problems just tears them up and proves to me that you really are a bitch.

    Finally, I’m sorry that you’ll probably never see your grandchildren. Thank you for making your wonderful son, but fuck you for not loving him. If you can’t love my soon-to-be-husband, you don’t deserve to love our kids.

    So, please, don’t let the door hit your ass on your way out.

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