• This is what changed

    by  • September 5, 2010 • Friends, Frustration, Miss You • 0 Comments

    I miss being your best friend.

    I know you’re busy and that we can’t constantly talk, and that’s fine. But… you said we were going to be friends. We were going to make each other happy and be the way friends SHOULD be. But so far we’re not even doing that! We barely talk now, and I have no idea what’s going on in your life.

    I was so okay with this when you brought it up, because I didn’t realize it would mean we would never talk. I know I don’t NEED you, I don’t need to tell you everything or talk to you about things or get me through anything. I have things going on in my mind, and I’ll get through them myself. But it’d still be nice to be able to talk to you about them. The closest I think I came to talking to someone about my problems recently was probably last night when I was drunk…

    I don’t like this. I’m tired and I’m rambling. I just wish we could be friends again, because I don’t feel like we are. And the worst part is, is that I don’t think it bothers you that much… But then again, you have someone to fill that slot.

    Which is why I’m better at being alone than you are.

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