• sick and sore

    by  • September 5, 2010 • Acceptance, Grief, Self-Esteem • 1 Comment

    Dear world,
    Just because I’m overweight doesn’t mean I’m lazy. For years I’ve tried to eat healthy and excercise. I eat better than most my age. I have extremely bad knees and everytime I go to excercie, I make them worse. Even low impact hurts. I recently had to have surgery because of how bad my knees were. I feel like I pushed myself so hard to look like what the world wanted me to, that I made my knees worse than they had to be. I desperately want to lose weight. I desperately want to feel like I’m beautiful, but no one can see past my weight. Everyone thinks I’m lazy. I wish those people could live one day in my life and see how hard I try, and feel the rejection I feel every second of my life.

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    1. tennessee whispers
      September 5, 2010 at 2:05 am

      regardless of what anyone says, you are the ONLY person in this world who can make you happy. if they don’t like the way you are, they do not deserve to know you! my cousin was 24 when he passed away. He ate right and excersized but because he was just under 500lbs people assumed he made him self that way. I hated the way people just assumed that he was lazy. He had health problems and could not help the way he was, but he is and always will be one of the most beautiful people I know and love. It doesn’t matter what they say. live your life for you!!

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