• Selfish

    by  • September 5, 2010 • Depression, Grief, Lost Love, Regret, Those Gone Before Us • 0 Comments

    You hateful bitch. How dare you do this to the people who loved you? Did you even stop to consider the agony, the emotional torture you would be putting us through? The guilt, the constant thoughts of “What if?”

    You were the most selfish person I ever met. Couldn’t be bothered to get help. We begged you to get help. We loved you so much, we put up with your insane mood swings. We caught you after manic high, and helped you get through the crippling depression. We supported you, gave you every last bit of energy we had.

    Why wouldn’t you stay on your damn meds? Why wouldn’t you talk to the doctors?

    I hate you for doing this to us. I hate you for being so selfish, you wouldn’t take one second to think of what you were doing to us. I hate you for not loving me at all. If you cared even a little bit about us, you would not have hurt us by fucking shooting yourself.

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