• from role model to rolling back bottles

    by  • September 5, 2010 • Anger, Friends, Frustration, Knock it Off, Lost Love • 0 Comments

    Dear lauren,

    The day that we became friends I knew that everything would be awesome. You were older and funnier and I had so much respect for you. You were my role model and you were so beautiful. I looked up to you, I wanted to be just like you, and I wanted to be with you all the time. I didn’t care that other people didn’t like you. I didn’t care that you were labeled as anti-social. But most of all I didn’t care that you were my boyfriend’s sister, and you didn’t care either. You were my BEST FRIEND, and I thought nothing would ever come between how much fun we had over that year.

    What happened? All of a sudden, I hear nothing from you. My best friend won’t talk to me, avoiding me, not cheering me up. I must have done something wrong. I beat myself up over and over trying to figure it out. I cried over you. Many times. Some friend you turned out to be. I thought that it was something wrong with me but now that I look over it, you have a big fucking problem. You took back your old back-stabbing underage alcoholic friends and left me alone. You thought that I was interfering with you and your brothers relationship? Fuck that, he hated the way you were acting once you brought back those friends. You signed off on your own fate. So don’t you dare come crawling back to me. Because now I’m stronger, prettier, and happier than you’ll ever be.

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