• That’s it I quit… I’m moving on….

    by  • September 4, 2010 • Breaking Up, Goodbye, Letting Go, Lost Love • 0 Comments

    I’m sick of this stupid bullshit cycle that keeps happening. After all of the shit you can’t make up your mind. You take off for a couple of weeks, I adjust to the idea that i’m on my own and start to move on… and then bam you show back up with the “we need to talk about things” and the “I miss you”… and as always i give in… why because I love you and miss you too… but enough is enough. I’m sick of you showing up rocking my world and then leaving again because you “have to think” or you can’t make up your mind about what you have to do… if you won’t be man enough to make changes then I guess i’ll just have to wear the “big girl pants” in this so called relationship and start taking control. Fuck you and fuck your lack of choice in anything. You say you want to be mature… than start acting like it. Hahaha… you may one day learn to “stand” your relationship… but she’s not me and never will be and you know it. But… enough is enough… As Adele best sang it…Honey,that’s it… I quit… i’m moving on. 🙂 Have fun with that. It’s time for me to go enjoy life…. fuck off… enjoy yours…. with any luck I’ll see you years down the road… and when i do… i’ll just laugh.

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