• It’s okay.

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    I think, in some way, that I love you. I’m pretty sure, actually. I’ve been so confused about it. I didn’t know if I was dwelling, or if it was real. But now I’ve decided. It HAS to be real.

    I am not dependent on you. I know you’ve fucked other girls, I know you want to fuck other girls. I know you probably don’t want to be with me. You just want to be my friend. There’s a trickle of hope that I’m wrong, but I don’t think I am. And you are currently a thousand miles away. 8710 to be exact.

    I feel like these things should break me. But they don’t. Because I’m strong. I love you, but in a different way. Half as a friend, half as more. I still regret not kissing you again, even though I know it would’ve be wrong. But that’s okay. Because we’re friends.

    I’m not dependent on you. I cannot describe exactly how I feel, and love is the only word that comes close. We might not end up together, but that’s alright.

    I hope someday you’ll realize truly how much I care for you. Despite myself, I will always hope that maybe you’ll feel the same. But if we don’t that’s okay.

    I said I wouldn’t let you fall of the bike. Do you remember that? I do. And I still wouldn’t let you fall. No matter how angry I am with you. No matter what.

    I love you.


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