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    by  • September 3, 2010 • Frustration, Knock it Off, Love - Pure and Simple • 2 Comments

    Dear girl I’ve never met,

    It’s been 7 months, 7 MONTHS! Why can’t you just get over him? Why is it that I can’t even say I love him on FB without you making life hell for his friends and in the end him. It didn’t work out. Get over it! None of these stupid games will win him back. I love him so much and I can understand the pain in losing him but the things you’re doing are going to push all of your friends away. You are not ugly, you are not worthless, you are smart and have a beautiful voice (from what I’ve been told). Go find a new guy, it’s not that hard. He isn’t coming back to you and you are just tearing yourself and your life up with these petty games. You can cause fights between us, you can even get pretty far in trying to make our lives hell, but you are never going to break us up.


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    1. Katie
      September 3, 2010 at 8:58 am

      good luck and stay strong, hopefully someone close to her will tell her just that. you deserve to be happy and don’t let her antics worsen your days spent with this great guy

    2. Marie
      September 3, 2010 at 11:01 am

      No one can “JUST” get over someone that they truly loved, It is going to take her some time, time that no one can put a limit on.
      I do however wish you luck, It is unfair that she is causing so much problems, try blocking her on FB and have your boyfriend do the same. It is impossible at this time for them to be friends.

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