• I’m just as okay without you as you are without me

    by  • September 3, 2010 • Acceptance, Breaking Up, Letting Go, The Ex • 0 Comments

    I really thought I had found “the one.” I wanted to tell you that I loved you. The day you broke up with me I thought you were trying to say it too. I told myself I wouldn’t fall too hard for you, but I did. I cried. For so long. Until it seemed it would never stop. And then one day, it did. I saw that picture of you and felt nothing. You were nothing special. You could have been anyone. I thought I would never meet anyone like you. Now I think that’s because I’ll meet someone better.

    We had a lot of fun together. You introduced me to many things I never would have seen or known. Eaten. Tried. Experienced. This was still the best relationship I’ve ever had. But that won’t last. And if, just in case, we really are meant to be, then we’ll be. And either is fine with me.

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