• Dear world! Answer me!

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    Dear world of people,

    There are so many of you out there. All sorts of different people come across my path. But you know, I have some questions to ask you!

    First of all, why is it my best friends are always so selfish? Friend after friend is lost because of this.

    My first is into a lot of partying and is constantly rolling. She got angry because I tried to stop her from doing this! Both her parents are addicts, and now she is too. Why couldn’t she see that she was so smart and that her eyes were so pretty? She didn’t need to dye her hair either! She was fine the way she was. She looked almost exotic with her slender build, amber eyes and curly copper hair. So why did she have to take her own self-hatred and leave me? She called it growing up, I called it self-destruction. We were so close for so long.

    There was another best friend after her. I understand it was my fault for not sharing everything about my first relationship, but I was embarrassed. When I started having family problems, why wouldn’t she understand why I was crying? Her response to me pouring my heart out was to say “Well, our other friend has it worse.” And most of the time, when I would be crying at that time in my life, I would try to talk, and she would respond with a “Hm.” and then go on about how this guy in chem didn’t like her, because he had never spoken to her.

    Then there’s my current best friend. She leaves and ruins things for everyone. She can’t complete a single responsibility and it’s hard to rely her.

    Are all friends like this? It doesn’t seem like other people have these types of friendships.

    And secondly, why don’t guys like me? I know I’m not an easy lay. Is that a deal-breaker? Whenever I am approached by a guy it’s a skeezy stranger who thinks because I am blonde with a large bust I’m easy. I’m TIRED of it. I’ve only been with one person, I like kittens and cooking. I don’t like one night stands and rainbow parties! I have low self esteem, but I know that I’m not terrible. I am sarcastic, but I think that could be cute. I have blonde hair, I’m average height, about 5’6″. I have an okay body and a decent face. I make an excellent pie! I don’t mind giving back rubs. I’ll go do whatever silly hobby you have with you. I just don’t get it. I’m 20 years old and nobody has ever taken me out or even given me a flower. I’d be a good girlfriend, pinky promise. I’m super faithful.

    I guess, world, what I am trying to get at, is I don’t get along with the people you send me. Is everyone like this? Am I supposed to pony up and put up with it or am I looking in the wrong places?

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    1. Jack
      September 5, 2010 at 3:02 am

      not everyone is like that my friends are fantastic and also generous but as the saying goes good friends are hard to find. As for the daiting thing try asking a guy you like out, it’s a good way to skip the creeps.

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