• I want to be over you

    by  • September 1, 2010 • Disappointment, Frustration, Grief, Lost Love, Love - Pure and Simple, The Ex • 1 Comment

    I want to put my feelings, my memories, my love for you, my anger and disappointment, my sadness, your smile, the look in your eyes when you looked at me, your humor, your warmth, your wit, how we could talk for hours on the phone when we only saw each other hours before and everything about you into a box, wrap it up and let it float away on the ocean. What we had was so fantastic but it’s now so painful to think about, I want to release it.

    The pain is unbearable and made worse still speculating that I’m sure you aren’t going through the same.

    When will it get better??? I want to stop crying.

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    1. Candice
      October 13, 2010 at 11:50 am

      Float on, little box…Float on.

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