• You’re a coward

    by  • August 30, 2010 • Frustration, Knock it Off, Love - Pure and Simple • 0 Comments

    You asked me for my advice and I gave it to you and now you treat me like shit. When you told me you thought that I lied too much or embellish stories I thought long and hard and sadly, I agreed and changed. I believe in self improvement even when it’s a hard thing to hear about yourself. I didn’t want people to think of me as a liar so I made sure I corrected it.

    Meanwhile you hear my thoughts that you were lazy and curse at me and not speak to me. I think that’s terrible.

    I think you’re a coward sometimes, I think you are immature, and you can not take constructive criticism. I think that you should always remember who loves you and who is on your side and I think you should think carefully before asking someone for help then berating them and making them feel like shit simply because you do.

    When you told me I was a liar I could have been an asshole, and cursed you out, and I could not talked to you for a day, I could have told you I didn’t love you like you, and I certainly could have told you I wanted to leave you. BUT I DIDN’T because growing and changing takes strength. You took a conversation and took it where it didn’t need to go, you hurt me. I wonder if it will ever stop, or if this is my life.

    We made a pact and said that no matter how stressed we got with life around us we would always know that we love one another and we would always say it.

    Even when you’re pouting like an asshole I still say I love you. It’s a shame you don’t do the same thing.

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