• to my best friend

    by  • August 30, 2010 • Friends, Love - Pure and Simple, Miss You, Regret • 0 Comments

    dear best friend,

    i’m so sorry. i’m so sorry i’ve let you down. i’m so sorry i have been so selfish, so exclusive with him that i forgot about you. you gave me so many chances to change, and i blew them off. you told me this day would come, you told that one day he would leave me and that you would be gone. i should have listened. your gone now, and i wish i could call you, but you wont answer. i’ve cried so much over how stupid i was. i spent every damn day with him and thought it was ok because he was my boyfriend, and you were just my friend. i’ve learned now that men do come and go, but people like you last forever. i need you, but you’re gone.

    i feel like i have no one, and its my fault. if you happen to read this, please….please call me. i’m a fool for making you a filler, a plan B. i’m a fool for not understanding how much i meant to you. you have all these amazing friends now, who i’m sure are better people than i am. i hope they treat you better. forgive me, i love you…more than i could love any stupid boyfriend.


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