• Dear Anton,

    by  • August 30, 2010 • Love - Pure and Simple • 1 Comment

    You said ” give me space”, when I occupied none. I was hanging on a string and you cut me off. You’ve left me falling, yet again. This isn’t the first time and we both know this.

    Your reason was ” our relationship wasn’t going anywhere”.

    I felt like our relationship was a dream. You were my imaginary boyfriend and I your imaginary girlfriend. You introduced me by name but never by association. You put me last in your list of priorities and I tried my best to understand even when I started to become insignificant in this dream of us.

    I’m usually very picky but I really liked you. I have never been so honest to anyone but you. You accepted me and though you never admit to it I know you care.

    You told me you couldn’t be trusted but yet I trusted you enough to give you a second chance and a third… You said you cared and that you wanted to make this work….it never did work out.

    Now you have left me again and I am not sure whether to be angry at myself or at you. Make up your mind and god do I feel pathetic checking my phone every five minutes to see if you have texted.

    I doubted your intentions but I ignored it.

    Today we still talk , and I love you ( I wish I could have told you) so much that I’d rather continue to hurt myself just to be in you presence. Pathetic aren’t I….

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    One Response to Dear Anton,

    1. Cheryle
      September 6, 2010 at 8:27 am

      Listen to him when he tells you he can’t be trusted. Listen to your gut when it tells you the same thing. You’re mistaking intensity for intimacy. You can’t make a real live person play the role of your knight in shining armor. You will lose every time. Come back to reality and find someone who is flesh and bone, and determine if his REAL qualities are something you can live with.



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