• Be well my love

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    Dear Unrequited Love,

    As you leave on your journey, my heart is breaking.

    I want to just forget about you, put you in a place where the rest of my friends reside instead of the massive corner of my heart and brain that you and no other have ever occupied.

    I open my heart to you and get no response and then feel like an idiot for having done so.

    This is why I must let you go.

    You see me as only a friend, and I am of no consequence to you, especially when you have a woman in your life. That is not fair to me, and I must protect my heart.

    My spouse had an “incident” with a woman, and it didn’t make me angry, sad or jealous.

    Your online relationship with a woman and your journey to meet her makes me cry anytime I think about it. No one else but me deserves you and my spouse doesn’t deserve me.

    I accept this life as the one I was chosen to perform in. Rewriting the script is not possible for the past, but it is possible for the future.

    I am sorry, but my heart has no choice but to write you out of my life’s story. I see you as a leading role and you see yourself as nothing more than an extra. Perhaps someday you will return, but for now, I must move on. I must let you go.

    I will love you always.

    Be well, be happy, be in love.

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