• Aunt’s & Uncle’s

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    I used to have such a wonderful time being apart of your family. Every summer it was truly incredible, a vacation within a vacation.

    As time passes of course everyone grows, I am no longer a young boy, I have become a man and with becoming a man comes honesty, and integrity, among a million other things as I came to find out.

    When I met what I thought was the love of my life, I had to share with you, simply because I was happy. I wanted to share the joy.

    Now, since I was no longer a boy and am a young man, I contacted you on the phone and talked to you about this great guy I had met. I wanted to inform you that I was gay and that I really cared about the both of you and wanted to make sure you knew I was the same person. I wanted to share my adult life with you as I shared my childhood.

    The above was shattered when you informed me that because I was gay, you would not feel welcome in my home. I was shocked, because I had grown and you and your lousy ass husband didnt.

    You feel you control everyone else simply because you’re lacking a backbone and that is Horse Shit. Your husband is a womanizing control freak, who finds comfort in manipulating and hurting others, including you! God knows how many years he has been unfaithful, after all someone that feels they are god’s gift must reach out a touch.

    I have come a to a conclusion. Because you didn’t have an interest in respecting me or my better half at the time, I ended the conversation with great disappointment but I quickly put it out of my head as I had bigger things to put my energies toward. I think what was shared with you both during my childhood was nothing short of creative babysitting. I feel that if you really gave a fuck I would still be in your life, instead you send me a card every year around my birthday to make yourself feel better. I certainly hope you don’t send another one this year, because I am writing RTS in big letters on the card and shipping that shit right back at ya. With a nice note. The note will read.

    “Please stop sending cards, out of guilt, and the need to make yourself feel better, I am over it and you should be, too.”

    I realize you’re lonely and sad that your kids aren’t around but ironically you fucked them over as well, so that, my friends, is called Karma.

    By the way, turning your own flesh and blood away on your father’s death bed was a real treat! I knew there were evil people in the world, but I couldn’t believe I was actually related to them.

    You’re all nuts, and I think the way you treat others is terrible, and just because you were the Title “Aunt & Uncle” doesn’t make you one.

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