• Well, I loved you. What more can I say?

    by  • August 29, 2010 • Breaking Up, Letting Go, Lost Love • 0 Comments

    You’re probably sitting there thinking about absolutely everything other than me and what I’m doing. Even if you were I bet you’d never guess “sending an anonymous letter to relieve anxiety caused by you”.

    You seemed so… perfect. Everything about you was so unique, so vibrant. But, it was never as easy to let you know how I felt, in comparison to other ‘couples’ partly because you never really showed that much of an interest in me. I think you knew all along, you just ignored the fact that ‘I liked you’ perhaps I only liked the idea of you because, to be honest, I knew nothing about you. I knew your name, I knew your interests in school but I didn’t know ‘who you were’ . Maybe all I liked was ‘who I thought you were’.

    It’s not your fault, and I’d like you to know that. You probably don’t even care. I didn’t care that you didn’t wear shoes on a night out. I didn’t care that you dyed your hair green (you say blue, but i think we both know it’s green. I mean come on! Even my dog could tell you it’s green and according to research in 1989 show that dogs suffer from dichromatic colour vision but enough about that). In my opinion it did nothing more to me than make me realize how wacky your methods of ‘expressing yourself’ -or whatever you’d like to call it- were.

    It took me a while to measure up the pro’s and con’s so that the con’s outweighed the pro’s but I’m pretty sure this news pretty much ‘”bites the big ‘un” (or so they say) I think I’m pretty much over you because I found out that you urinate before receiving felatio. Call me shallow, but in my eyes.. you’re not perfect anymore. Thank you. But then again, you probably don’t even care :/

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