• The Ex Best Guy Friend.

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    My sister and I always wanted to be your friend. If the circumstances were different and if you cared, I suppose it might have worked out in the end.

    My sister had the biggest crush on you when were little. In fact, it lasted several years. I can’t count the amount of years I spent to her professing that she still had feelings for you.

    I at first wanted to believe that in some misunderstanding you still loved us as friends but I soon realized that you have no empathy for us. The pain that you caused me and her I now know is irreversible. Through out the years I know you’ve felt burned by what happened between us so much to talk about us with profanity and mockery. You belittled us and lost us in the end. You had constantly treated us as losers, denying any chance we had at becoming friends.

    I think what really drew us to you was you were the only friend that stuck by with us when school was going hectic, and our parent’s were fighting. I honestly sometimes wish we were friends still. But so much has happened, especially with me. Not only have I battled depression, but I’ve also gone through a terrible period of psychosis. You will never know me truly and I hate that every day. But although you have turned yourself away from me, the most disappointed thing I am with you is how you’ve treated my sister. My sister never had feelings for the person you’ve become friends with. In fact, she never talks about him. She only talks of you when she has no place to think of next. Sometimes I catch her looking at your window still and it causes me pain to see her still caring for someone like you.

    I tried my best to make our apologies meant and sincere. We didn’t mean to hurt you. But if you asked us for one second why we aren’t friends, I would tell you simply, you betrayed us. You broke us. I will always be hurt by the day you stopped caring, and although you betrayed us we still care for you. You are probably the only friend that I would ever want back. And I can’t honestly say why.

    My sister thinks of you alot, so much that it bothers me still. I use to be the opposite of her. I use to think that you still cared, but now when I see your face I can’t help but be angry. We care for you still. I hate that I do every single day. So much has happened and not a word said. I can never forget. You were our best friend, the one we saw ourselves growing up with. You were the one friend we thought would always be there. You were the friend we thought would hang out with us in study hall in middle school, or the person that we could tell our secrets to. But in reality, you’re the only one I’ve seen tear my sister apart. And I can’t forgive you for that.

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