• Love you?

    by  • August 29, 2010 • Gratitude, Love - Pure and Simple • 1 Comment

    I’ve re-written this way too many times, all of them saying the same things, but none of them really made any sense. I really never know what to say when it comes to you…or even us, whatever we are. There have been so many things that have brought us together, and even more that have made us fall apart. I have no idea why it happens, I guess sometimes it’s me, and sometimes it’s you. We aren’t perfect. We may never be. But I can honestly say I’m glad we’ve taken it this far. Who would have ever thought this many YEARS down the road we would be where we are , even if I’m not really sure where that is most of the time. You have truly become a part of my life. Sometimes it surprises me how much I really do care for you. No matter how many times something has happened that has broken me and my heart. I always find myself back at you. You are the only one I have said those three words, I love you, and actually meant it. Regardless of what you, or I, have done, I know you are there. I just really hope that when you say “I love you” and “I care about you” that you mean it just as much.

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    1. S.
      March 10, 2011 at 11:00 am

      Some things make perfect sense when they are not. Question is: When will it ever be? Sure seems inevitable to me, so why so much effort to fight it?



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