• To the man that hurt the child I was, and the childhood I didn’t get to enjoy.

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    It’s sad to think about the perverts and pedophiles that do the things they do. It makes me angry inside, so mad at the terrible ways of what people can do to children.. SO FUCKING MAD. I see on the news most everyday, a new little girl or boy, molested by a freak.. I wish I could have stopped it, I wish I could hug that child and keep them from the evil that you are. And you KNOW who you are. The pain that happens to a child during the act of abuse does not last just for the moment, it lasts for a lifetime. It’s a pain that I feel everyday when I think about what happened to me. I never got to tell you exactly how I felt about what you did, and now I will. I was 10 years old, JUST turned 10. You made me think that it was okay to have sex, and that it was what “cool” people did. By making me want to have sex with you, I think you tried to make yourself feel less of a jerk and somewhat moving the label of rape, to the label statutory rape.. (which really isn’t that much better, but SOME people tend to think so) But you see, by giving me this new sense of thought, you changed me. I never said no to a single person again.. for one, when Iwent against you, you scared me, and I didnt want to be scared again. I became a sexually promiscuous person after that.. and then I got pregnant. At 13 years old. yes, you took my childhood that involved playing with legos and writing songs in my room to playing with another child, my child, before I was ready. I was afraid to tell on you, I thought it was my fault, because I wanted it. It wasn’t until 7 years later that I told my own mother about you.. and deep down even then, it was hard for me to do. I wish I could go back in time and have you arrested. who knows what you have done to other little girls.. Oh thats right, you have a little girl now don’t ya? well i really hope you dont ever touch her, because then sir, i would have to kill you.

    I have my son and now my daughter, I am lucky that I have them with someone I love, and someone that is good to me, because I know there are a hell of a lot of men out there that are not good to anyone.

    I will NEVER let a single soul touch a hair on my childrens heads in a harmful way NEVER. I love them more than anything on this earth, the way that all parents should love there children, and never let harm come there way.

    By the way, man, fuck you!!!!!!!!!

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